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  • Universal Intra-Aid, 1.74 Lbs.

    Intra-Aid, 1.74 Lbs.


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    Advanced Bodybuilder's Intra-Workout Performance Drink!

    Proper workout nutrition (intra-workout) is an area that is being supported by a legit, growing body of science. Intra-workout nutrition represents the next big nutritional frontier for bodybuilders and weightlifters. Even so, many lifers often ignore this period. Why is targeted intra-workout supplementation so important? Here's a short list: proper rehydration, muscle and liver glycogen re-synthesis, improved immune function, decreased muscle catabolism, increased muscle protein synthesis, increased muscle anabolism, faster recovery and training at a higher intensity. It's amazing how so many benefits can get overlooked. Intra-Aid? brings intra-workout nutrition into the 21st century. It's a combination of key complexes that work in synergy to maximize the aforementioned benefits of workout supplementation.

    Intra-Aid consists of 5 potent components: fast-acting hydrolyzed protein, a highly specialized carbohydrate blend, critical electrolytes, an essential amino acid blend, and key ergogenic agents. Intra-Aid combines all of the scientific benefits of proper intra-workout supplementation, leaving out the guesswork. The gym water fountain and popular high fructose "sports" drinks may be good for the regular athlete, but for the serious weight lifter, they just can't compare.

    Supplement Facts:

    Serving Size: 1 scoop (~32g)

    Servings Per Container: 25

    Amount Per Serving:

    Calories 72

    Calories from Fat 0

    Total Fat 1g 0%

    Saturated Fat 0g 0%

    Total Carbohydrates 10g 3% (Intra-Aid Carb Blend--maltodextrin, d-glucose, waxy maize)

    Sugars 5g

    Protein 8g 16% (from hydrolyzed whey protein)

    Calcium 50mg 5% (Electrolytes)

    Magnesium 50mg 13%

    Sodium 100mg 4%

    Potassium 100mg 3%

    Intra-Aid Proprietary Performance Blend 10,000mg (EAAs and Ergogenics)












    Intra-Aid consists of 5 potent components: fast-acting hydrolyzed protein, a highly specialized carbohydrate blend, critical electrolytes, an essential amino acid blend, and key ergogenic agents, all of which are highlighted above.

    How To Stack It:

    Though Intra-Aid is an effective stand-alone supplement, to fully take advantage of the "anabolic window of opportunity" that exists before/during/following lifting, take 1 serving of Shock Therapy before the workout (pre-), 1 serving of Intra-Aid during the workout (intra-) and 1 serving of Torrent after (post-). By combining all three, you can maximize your nutrient intake during this most critical of all periods.

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    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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