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Buy Children's Vitamins at Low Prices!

Children's Vitamins

children vitaminsAs parents, we all struggle with getting our children to eat healthy, or even consume enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. We also know that our children are developing physically and mentally, and the results of a poor diet may result in poor development in either one of these two areas.

Children's multi-vitamins contain a variety of essential and non-essential nutrients that kids may not get in there daily diet. These vitamins and minerals primary function is to provide an easy way for children to consume a full spectrum of vital nutrients from a single product. offers a great selection of children's multi-vitamins and minerals that are high in quality with everyday low pricing!

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Animal Parade Tooth Fairy, 90 Animals

Retail: $19.95
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Animal Parade Vitamin D3, 90 Animals

Retail: $7.99
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Animal Parade Warm Milk, 30 Chewables

Retail: $18.81
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BerryLicious Super Multi, 30 Soft Chews

Retail: $17.99
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Coromega Gummy Fruits! 60 Gummies

Retail: $6.99
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Dinosaurs (Childrens Multi), 60 Chews

Retail: $10.06
  Save: 43%

Only $5.75

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Emergen-C Kidz Multi-Vitamin, 30 Packets

Retail: $18.44
  Save: 38%

Only $11.50

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Immuno-Zappers, 45 Chewy Fruity Jelly-Yums

Retail: $14.99
  Save: 27%

Only $10.95

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Kid Vits, 120 Chewables

Retail: $11.81
  Save: 43%

Only $6.75

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Kidz Zazz Vitamin Sticks, 10 Packets

Retail: $17.99
  Save: 40%

Only $10.75

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Kidz Zazz Vitamin Sticks, 35 Packets

Retail: $62.95
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Only $34.95

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Voots, 24 Chewable Tarts

Retail: $16.99
  Save: 30%

Only $11.95

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Yummy Veggie Fruities, 60 Chewy Jelly-Yums

Retail: $12.99
  Save: 25%

Only $9.75

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