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    Asteroid Stack


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    The Biggest Breakthrough In The History Of Muscle Building Agents!

    "The Asteroid Stack"

    • Prime, 120 Capsules
    • PowerFULL, 90 Capsules
    • Anabolic-Pump, 90 Capsules

    Introducing The Stack So Incredibly Potent, It's Transforming Physiques Everywhere, Yet Isn't Dangerous Like Synthetic Anabolics!

    Who wants to get freaky big the fastest way humanly possible?

    Please listen carefully because what you're about to read will be the absolute best news any serious bodybuilder will ever read and that can now take a legal anabolic stack that delivers true physique altering effects - yet doesn't yield the negative sides you'd expect from such powerful substances...

    Strong words for sure, but if you continue reading for just the next few minutes, you'll become a "true believer" because the three products in the Asteroid Stack were designed to mediate the same exact muscle-building pathways as the anabolic agents: testosterone, Growth Hormone, and Insulin!

    That's right, friend! You will be placed on a stack of three anabolic agents that can deliver results that at one time thought to be only attainable through the use of illegal compounds, but without the side effects you'd expect from synthetic drugs! Now if this is not every bodybuilder's dream, what is?

    Imagine, packing on pounds of raw, brutal muscle and keeping it! But listen to addition to making you "Big as a House," the Asteroid Stack can also make you extremely muscular, defined and vascular!

    It's the Biggest Breakthrough In The History Of Muscle Building Agents... And Them Some!

    So, how is all this possible? It's possible because of new scientific breakthroughs scientists at USPlabs have developed that are so unique and revolutionary...they may never be exceeded! And here's why...

    As you are aware, testosterone is an extremely powerful muscle building hormone! In fact, testosterone and Insulin are the two most potent muscle-building hormones that have ever been developed! Don't believe me, than just look at the top pros who weigh 335 in the "off-season," lots of Testosterone, "Orals" and Growth Hormone. So the point being made is, since the Asteroid Stack is made up of anabolic agents that mimic testosterone and its derivatives, plus Growth Hormone's virtually impossible for anything known to current science to work better!

    Yes, the Asteroid Stack contains three anabolic agents that are scientifically designed to work just like these compounds...without the nasty side effects! And when you read how each one'll be absolutely convinced beyond any doubt that what you're reading is the truth.

    To view label for Prime, 120 Capsules click here

    To view label for PowerFULL click here

    To view label for Anabolic-Pump click here

    The Synergy...Now It's Time To Enter The Freak Zone of Muscle Growth!

    Sure, each of the awesome products have been battle tested by your fellow brothers of iron so you know they work great just by themselves...

    For example: many people using just Prime have reported gaining 10-12 pounds of muscle within several months. And if you take nothing but Anabolic'll still get the awesome repartitioning effects, as carbs and protein rush to your muscle cells for awesome pumps, recovery & new muscle growth. PowerFULL alone can help you sleep better, recover like a champ & get stronger from workout to workout...

    But, if you take all three at once...they can feed off one another for even bigger gains. This is the oldest trick in the book, as veteran bodybuilders have been doing this for years with different combination's of steroids that work through different pathways & have different reported benefits.

    So start to use your imagination, friend, because all three of these anabolic agents are to work like crazy for lifters everywhere... just by themselves ... but when you stack them, look out world!

    So start thinking now about how much more muscular and bigger you can be as each of these anabolic agents take hold of the cellular mechanisms that cause new muscle growth ... and make them go absolutely berserk!

    And when you combine all three with a nutrition plan and training program ... you will now enter "uncharted waters" in terms of explosive new muscle growth!

    And best of all... you'll stay "yoked" 365 days a year. So no more "hiding out" after going off a big synthetic cycle like a lot of pros so their "size" and thus ego can shrink in private! You'll be big, bad and muscular as long as you continue to follow a training and nutrition plan.

    The Dosing:

    Note: Manufacturers continually change product specifications. While we try our best to keep product descriptions up to date, they do not necessarily reflect the latest information available from the manufacturer. We are not responsible for incorrect or outdated product descriptions and/or images.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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